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The horse connection.

Why treeless saddle?
The target of the saddle.
In theory his mission very simple: to be an efficient and comfortable element of communication
between two flexible and dynamic bodies like horse and rider.
In few words the saddle must not disturb the horse
This is why the saddle:
Must distribute the weight of the rider in area that is as wide as possible.

Must preserve the spinal tract from pressure and trauma.

At the same time the saddle have to follow the movements of shoulders and back, without limit for the horse.

Be comfortable for horse and rider, helping the rider to reach and maintain the correct position.
It is easier said than done!
The traditional saddle.
Traditional saddles are built around the tree: a rigid element made of different materials such
as wood and steel, plastic, glass / carbon fiber.

A wooden tree with steel reinforcements.
When a saddle fits perfectly, the tree has to be the exact footprint of horse's back.
Unfortunately it is very difficult to find this correspondence. Tension and tone muscles of the back change continuously: we have to think about the continuous changes in weight and shape of the horse during the year, because the season, the level of training and feeding. A saddle with a rigid structure, although custom-made, will never adapt its shape to these changes.

The two extensions in the front of the tree, should be parallel to the trapezius muscle, without disturbing the movement of the shoulder; but this almost never happens, also because of the wrong habit to position the saddle too much forward. The tree goes over the articulation of the scapula, limiting the movement and pinching the underlying tissues.

The front part of the tree is above the scapula (S), disturbing the horse's movement that will be shorter and contracts
Use a saddle with too tight tree will be even more dangerous, this coud be the cause of inflammation and progressive atrophy of the tissues around the wither and dorsal spine, with a progressive muscle emptying, the cause of chronic pain for the horse!

A typical atrophy of the muscles around the wither and in the saddle area.

Some horses bear the pain caused by the wrong saddle, but some horses give us signals too often underestimate
White hair or injuries on the wither and in the saddle area.

Emptying the dorsal muscle.

Nervousness while we tight the girth or we position the saddle: flat ears, teeth gritted. Some horses even tend to kneel down to escape the pain, often this attitude begins seeing the saddle.

The horse moves when you mount on the saddle

Laziness or contract movement during the training.

Nervous shaking of the tail during training or while we saddle up.

Stumble during the training: among the causes of the lack of attention can hide a discomfort because of the saddle, so the horse does not work calmly and carefully.

Short and contract movements

Difficult to stretch the back and go down with the neck.
A real example.
The right saddle: what to consider.

Think about a young horse in the beginning of his training:
the back muscles are not as developed as in an adult horse, so the rider has to choose a saddle that fits to the structure of the horse at that moment.

After some months of training, the young horse changes its structure, increasing muscle; it's easy to understand that the saddle we are using is not the correct one: the tree size, the inclination of the panels, are inappropriate.

It would be a big mistake try to solve the problem with extra padding. It would be like groped to alleviate the pain of a too tight shoe with a pair of very thick socks. If we increase the thickness of the padding the shoe will be even tighter.
The same happens with the saddle: if it doesn't fit will be a torture for the horse and if we add padding the problem will be more serious. It is important to consider that increasing the padding can penalize the position of the rider and cause a loss of contact with the horse.

This example is not only for young horses, but also for adult horses that restart the training after a rest period, or all the horses that are changing their shape with the traininig.
The generation saddle.
Connect horse and rider without limit.

A saddle able to follow the horse in every movement.

We designed a new concept saddle to eliminate the structural and functional problems of traditional rigid saddles.

The flexible structure makes an easier communication and guarantees the maximum comfort for horses:
the results are bigger and expressive movements


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