Prince Saddlery.
The horse connection.
Our love and respect for horses: that’s what prompted us to create this company.
Looking forward to the future: that’s what makes us unique.
Especially in recent years horse riding and the way we relate to the horse has been experiencing a deep evolution: indeed thanks to the web and its informative power, people are more and more careful, prepared, demanding and in search of high quality.
Prince Saddlery
was born to meet the new market needs, influenced by the constant evolution that horse riding is going through, which involves first of all the saddlery, a world that is still too rooted in the past.

The purpose of Prince Saddlery is offering you an alternative.
We often consider as '' normal '' that the horse, just looking at the saddle, lowers the ears grinding his teeth.

We often consider as '' normal '' that the horse at work, shakes his head, opening his mouth nervously.

We want to give rise to several causes of reflection:
The traditional rigid saddle is the really best way to connect two dynamic and flexible bodies like horse and rider?

The bit is a really necessary tool?

It might seem pretentious thinking that beliefs widely shared by the equestrian world could be entirely or in large part wrong or outdated, but:
"But to speak seriously, the universality of an opinion is no proof, nay, it is not even a probability, that the opinion is right"
(Arthur Schopenhauer).

Viale XXIX Maggio, 10
61121 Pesaro (PU) ITALY
Tel: +39 339 7788534

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Prince Saddlery Italy
Viale XXIV Maggio 10
61121 Pesaro (PU)
Tel +39 339 7788534

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