Prince Saddlery.
The horse connection.
Unique features.

A revolutionary range of
treeless saddles with a classic design.
The perfect balance between flexibility and stability.

Dressage, jumping and
daily training.
Our saddles for your discipline!


Starting from 2000 €

Flexible leather core

A thermo-modeled leather structure is able to guarantee the right flexibility
and stability, distributing the weight of the rider in an optimal way.


Soft leather padding for your knees, you can order with or without knee blocks.

Backward stirrup bars

They help you to find and keep the right position, in flat work and during the jump, helping the rider's balance.

High density foam Panels

Undeformable over time and with a flat shape, designed to have
a perfect and symmetrical contact with the horse's back.

Soft leather seat, padded with high-density foam

Able to give grate comfort and an incredible feeling during the ride.
You can chose different sizes of the seat.

Assembly system

We can replace in a few minutes the parts of the saddle more subject to wear of the time,
such as panels, flaps and billets.

Prince Saddlery wants to revolutionize the concept of the saddle, with advanced technical solutions.

We believe that technological progress can and should find larger application in the world of saddlery.
The construction of traditional saddles still require the use of hundreds of staples and nails, to attach the various components to the tree and the panels are frequently still padded in wool, creating a not uniform pressure on the horse's back.

Prince Saddlery redesigned the concept of saddle: from the construction to the materials.
A flexible core.
The flexible leather core is the internal structure of our saddle, made in thermo-modeled leather, created studying several possible solutions, with the help of 3D software. Thanks to the flexible leather core saddle provides lateral and longitudinal flexibility and stability, distributing the weight of the rider in a optimal way.
All this makes our saddle totally different from other treeless saddles on the market.
The image shows how the same saddle is able to changing his structure, opening and closing following the conformation of the horse, without limiting the movement of the scapula.
We created a saddle that adapts its structure to several horses at the same time, able to follow the movements of horses without limitations, respecting their natural and physiological asymmetry, to guarantee maximum freedom.

Too much flexibility of some treeless saddles is a serious problem, as it is the excessive rigidity of traditional saddles!
Often the saddle is unstable and it is not possible to have a correct weight distribution of the rider.

The Prince Saddles structure, even with no rigid reinforcement, is solid and compact and distributes very well the weight of the rider, also thanks to the wide surface of the panels, made with 2 different densities foams, these are non-deformable over time and with a grate shock absorbent capacity, our panels let free the spinal portion, and guarantee a good stability of the saddle.
A revolutionary saddle, with a classic design.
Almost all treeless saddles on the market are not designed for equestrian sports. Aesthetically and functionally don't have the characteristics of English saddles. Until now it was hard to find a saddle designed for disciplines such as jumping and dressage.
Prince Saddlery has created a range of flexible saddles with a classic and elegant design, studied to be used in all equestrian sports, in full respect of the Italian and international rules (F.I.S.E.), (F.E.I.).
Unbelievable comfort for horse and rider

Drawings by Lt-Col. Margot
(Écuyer en chef a Saumur from 1945 to 1958).
It helps to improve the position, increase communication with the horse, and effectively protects the neck and the back of the rider from injuries and shocks.

The seat is designed for the comfort of men and women.

Particular attention was given to the stirrup bars position:
more backward than traditional jumping saddles,
to guarantee a correct position of the rider from the very beginning.
Italian quality
Prince Saddlery uses only the best Italian leather.
The attention to details given by an hand made work, to have a unique and prestigious products.
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